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Administration - Keeping the Ship on Course!
Forum and Triple Oak Leaf announcements including the Rules of the Road!
Reception Hall (Welcome!)
Welcome to the forums! How did you make your way here? Help us, by letting us know the means that you found us. Facebook friend? Yahoogroups? Other Forum? Word of Mouth? This is also a great place to introduce yourself and your interests. This also allows us to receive you into fellowship (y'know - welcome you). There is no requirement and we respect your privacy. Knowing what avenues bring people here will help us make these better forums.
Board Suggestions
Post suggestions for the whole forum at large here. Please don't be offended if we don't immediately act upon them, but we will give all of them their due consideration. We encourage suggestions. It helps us know what you want.
Triple Oak Leaf Computer Services and Publishing
TOL Book & Game Publishing
We publish books, gaming material, short stories, poetry and art prints. Here we can talk about them. Current projects: The 'Adventures in India' series by Gloria Fidler; 'Journey to Israel' by Gloria Fidler; 'Gilbert' by Natalie Gray; 'War Memoirs: Corporal William Dale and The Boys of Stewart Town (The British West Indies Regiment)' by Winston Gray. 'Toying With Destruction' has also moved into this forum and is intended to be the flagship product.
Publisher's Path
Small press, indie, and self-publishing - helping build bridges and sharing knowledge.
Tech-Talk & Related Entertainment
A friendly general forum for computer talk, debate, technical help, and more. All advice taken at your own risk. Also the home for Computer, Online, Mobile, and Console game talk (PC, Internet, Java, multiplayer, Massive Multiplayer Online, mobile device, and more types of related gaming!).
Tabletop and Virtual Tabletop Gaming (Blood of Caen)
Play By Post Chat
A general talk about play by post gaming, chat gaming, and a place to try to organize games not already in their own forum.
OBG, yeah you know me!
A cozy home for playing "Online Board Games" at Triple Oak Leaf.
General Board, Miniature and Card Game Talk
For any board game, miniature game, or other family/friends game you sit around and play.
The Last Crusade CCG
The WW2 pocket miniatures game.
Players looking for games and GM's looking for players

General RPG Talk
Pen & Paper Role-Playing Games.
WARRP - War Role-Playing
Roleplaying during any historical, mythical, alternative historical, future, fantastical war. Using Weird War Two: Crusade For Europe, Weird Wars, Godlike, Gear Krieg, Jovian Chronicles, etc... Using your own systems, or converting other systems like D6, Silhouette, Lejendary Adventure, Savage Worlds, etc... Alien invasions, historical rebellions, Titan AE, or even wartime from Firefly/Serenity. Keep your minds open!
Gygax & Kuntz Original Castle/Campaign
Gary's Castle Zagyg and Rob's 'Original' series as well as their campaigns.
Ə - Sorcerer Character has Warrior Adventure by Oedipussy Rex
Lejendary Adventure
Talk about Gary Gygax's RPG, Lejendary Adventure. A streamlined and simple "think outside the box" skill bundle RPG.
OSR-HackMaster World
The Old School Revival - A Home For Rejuvenated Old-Guard RPGs like Hackmaster 4e, Spellcraft & Swordplay, OSRIC, OD&D, and more! A place for things you feel are old-guard/old-school. Talk about the games themselves as well as their renewal!
Dangerous Journeys Multigenre Roleplaying Game System
Dangerous Journeys, Dangerous Dimensions, Mythus, Mythus-Lite, Unhallowed, Journeys, Mythic Masters, the Mythus novels, Aerth, and more! A base game of descriptive grammar with infinite expansion.
Abstract Nova Entertainment
RPG Publisher - Heaven & Earth 3e; Noumenon, Aletheia, Exquisite Replicas....
Campaign Journals
A place to keep campaign journals for any RPG you play. You can also post replays of any game!
Other Games
What doesn't fit in the other game forums here.
The Motley Exchange
General Assorted & Diverse Prattle
Pretty much anything goes. Steer clear of personal attacks though.
Social Studies & Humanities
The analysis and study of human society including anthropology, archeology, business administration, communication, criminology, economics, education, government, linguistics, international relations, political science and, in some contexts, geography, history, law, and psychology.
Philosophy Talk
The synthesis of all learning.
History Talk
The discipline that records and analyzes past events.
Panoramic Politicks
Do not enter unless of thick skin and willing to let bygones be bygones. What happens in Panoramic Politicks, STAYS in Panoramic Politicks.
Connivance Conjecture
Conspiracy theories, whether serious or funny. Take it all with a grain of salt and a grain of truth.
Hodgepodge Ecclesiastical Dialogue
Chatting about any religion, or lack thereof.
General Media
An agency by which something is accomplished, conveyed or transfered.
Living Well
Living and dealing with chronic conditions.
Devotions & Bible Studies
Christian expressive observance and mental absorption. Scrutiny, careful thought and contemplations pursuing Truth.
The Survival Forum
Survival talk! Survival in the wilderness, survival when traveling, worst case scenarios, life saving, etc...
Comic Books
Mainstream, Manga, Indie, and more!
General Sports
Activities involving physical exertion and skill, governed by rules or customs and often undertaken competitively.
Libations - Aqua Vitae
Gin, Whisky, Vodka, Rum, Wine, Sparkling Wine, Coolers, Liqueurs, Beer, Soft Drinks, Sodas, Milkshakes, Malts, etc... and what to do with them.
Classifieds & Advertising
Selling, Looking for, and New Product Announcements. Also Compliments & Gripes: Has a company gone above and beyond, and you'd like to share the experience? Has a company hosed you or given you a bad experience you want to share to warn others off? Post them here!
TOL's Furiously Eclectic Reading Club
We read as a group and discuss.
Dissimilar Forums (Pathseekers & Test Forums)
The Witless Booby Trap
A set of play by post games. Some where one person posts a scenario and everyone else can ask yes or no questions in order to find out what's going on or they may need to find the pattern or association games, etc... FUN!
Internet Research

A Lejendary Adventure Campaign
A Lejendary Adventure play-by-post game run by Kersus.
Eldritch Role-Playing Play-By-Post Sampler
ERP play-by-post run by co-author Dan Cross!
PrayerBytes (A CafePress Online Store) - Quality creative items edifying to the Body of Christ. Take comfort in the Word.
AD&D Forgotten Realms PBP
An AD&D 2e PbP game GMed by tawnos76.
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