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OBG, yeah you know me!
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Call for GBE-RISK 16
Anyone up for Advanced Civilization?
HOTW 6 Call for players
Organizing Viktory II
HotW 5 - Call for players
HotW4 Call for players
TOL-Stab-GBE-N1 "Jump" | Call For Players
TripleOakLeaf GBE-RISK 15
History of the World Talk
Acquire Talk
Triple Oak Leaf's Acquire 18|W=?
Would you like to organize the Risk games here?
TOL-HotW 2 "It's good to be the king"|W=Kersus
Triple Oak Leaf's Acquire 17 | W=?
TOL-History of the World Part 1 "Miracle"|W=Kersus
TOL-GBE-Viktory II-Game 15 "Open"|W=Kersus
TOL Axis & Allies Game 4b (5)|W=redpriest/Kersus
Stab-GBE-G2 "Blind" | W=redpriest(not ranked yet)
TripleOakLeaf GBE-RISK 14 "Basics"|W=KAVIK
Triple Oak Leaf's Acquire 16 | W=?
TOL-GBE-Viktory II-Game 14 "Renew"|W=Massena
Viktory II Starting Order
Triple Oak Leaf's Acquire 15 | W=redpriest
TOL Axis & Allies Game 6 | W=JES/redpriest
Stab-GBE-U1 | Ongoing
TOL-GBE-Viktory II-Game 13 "Blood4Blood"|W=Massena
TOL-GBE-Viktory II-Game 12 "Hardened"|W-?
TOL Axis & Allies Game 4 | W=JES/Kersus
Triple Oak Leaf's Aquire 14 | W=Kersus
TripleOakLeaf GBE-RISK 13 "Air Euro"|W=JES
TripleOakLeaf GBE-RISK 12 "DoubleDestiny"|W=KAVIK
Triple Oak Leaf's Aquire 13 | W=?
Please vote for the games you'd like to continue playing.
Triple Oak Leaf GBE-RISK 11 "Destiny"|W=JES
TOL-GBE-Viktory II-Game 11 "The Forge"|W=redpriest
Advanced Civilization Opening
Triple Oak Leaf-Acquire 12 | Win 2 Kersus
Triple Oak Leaf GBE-RISK 10 "DARKYANK"|W=redpriest
TOL-GBE-Viktory II-Game 10 "Open" | W=Kersus
Triple Oak Leaf-Acquire 11 | W=Kersus
New Games?
Triple Oak Leaf-Acquire 10 | Winner=J Elric Smith
Triple Oak Leaf GBE-RISK 10 "RAF"| W=J Elric Smith
TOL Take Back Toe Games K vs OR
[STAB] Gunboat Diplomacy
Battle For Wesnoth
[STAB] Support a moving, attacked unit.
[STAB] Online Diplomacy?
GBE Maintenance....
Rules Questions:
TOL-GBE-Viktory II-Game 9 "Basics" | W=redpriest
Triple Oak Leaf GBE-RISK 9 "BasicYank"|Winner=JES
Triple Oak Leaf-Acquire 9 | W=Kersus
How about an online game of Civilization
Triple Oak Leaf Axis & Allies Rankings
error on games page
TOL-GBE-Viktory II-HtH Tourney 1 Normal
Triple Oak Leaf-Acquire 8
TOL Axis & Allies Game 3 | W=J Elric Smith
no more days
TOL-GBE-Viktory II-Game 8 INDIE
TOL-GBE-Viktory II-Game 7 Normal
TOL-GBE-Viktory II-Game 5 DARK |
Advanced Civilization PBF
Any interest in a Twilight Imperium PBF?
[STAB] Too many missed deadlines
New Players
Stab-GBE-L3-Fantasy Lands | Winner = Kersus
[STAB] Apropos Diplomacy lyrics
Stab-GBE-Q4-Bumping Into Things | Call 4 Players
TOL-GBE-Viktory II-Game 4 | W=Kersus
Are the games Flat-lining?
TOL-GBE-Viktory II-Game 3
TOL-GBE-Viktory II-Game 2
Triple Oak Leaf Viktory II Rankings
Triple Oak Leaf-Acquire 7
TOL-GBE-Viktory II-1 | W=redpriest (42)
Cosmic Encounter Online
Merrelles (Nine Men's Morris, Mühle, Mill, Tecumseh)
A&A BG - WW2 Chat
Triple Oak Leaf-Acquire 6
Triple Oak Leaf GBE-RISK 8 "BlindYank"
Triple Oak Leaf GBE-RISK 7 "Yankee"
Triple Oak Leaf GBE-RISK 6 "Strike"
Panzerblitz at GamesByEmail
[STAB] Buying the Board Game: Diplomacy
TOL Axis & Allies Game 2
Online: Triple Oak Leaf GBE-RISK 5 "RECON"
Stab-GBE-L3-Supers | TIE Draw
GBE Down?
Online: Triple Oak Leaf Acquire 5
Online Risk/Gambit Tactical Centre
Online: TOL GBE-RISK 4 "DARKNESS" (W=redpriest)
Triple Oak Leaf RISK Rankings
[STAB] Diplomacy Rankings
Online: Triple Oak Leaf Acquire 4
Online: Triple Oak Leaf GBE-RISK 3 (Winner = redpriest)
Triple Oak Leaf Acquire Rankings
Online: Triple Oak Leaf GBE-RISK 2 (Winner = KAVIK)
Stab-GBE-R1 (October 17, 2009) | Call 4 Players
Stab-GBE-L2-The Seven Deadlies-Win to France (angiemt/Greed)
Stab GBE Q1 Fantasy Races
[STAB] is 8 the number
Online: Triple Oak Leaf Acquire 3
Online: TOL Axis & Allies Game 1
Potential RISK rankings?
Potential Acquire Rankings?
Stab-GBE-Q2-Blind-RGA DRAW
[STAB] Long, Quick, RT, Blind Dip
[STAB] GBE Turnarounds
[STAB] Clarification of "voice"
[STAB] kinda funny
[STAB] Upcoming Blind Diplomacy Game Q
[STAB] new game?
Online: Triple Oak Leaf GBE-RISK 1 (Winner = Kersus)
[STAB] Invitation for a little diplomacy online tournament
[STAB] Diplomacy Strategy/Tactics
Stab GBE-Q1 FantasyRaces-W to Russia (Flambeaux/Polyphemos)
STAB GBE-L1 | Win to Russia (Kersus)
[STAB] Diplomacy World
New Trade Wars Game Starting!
[STAB] Real-Time One-Shot Game?
[STAB] What is Diplomacy
[STAB] What's your favorite nation to play?
[STAB] Building a set of house rules and recommendations.
[STAB] CALLING 4 PLAYERS: Inaugural PbP Diplomacy Game
[STAB] PC Games
[STAB] Diplomacy Rules Available Online
[STAB] Our Genesis
[STAB] Diplomacy again!
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