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The Witless Booby Trap
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Anything You'd Keep?
Choose Our Own Adventure
TOL's Never-Ending Story
What was the last TV show you just watched?
Words/phrases that sound dirty but really aren't
Interesting But Mostly Useless Facts
New Trade Wars Game Starting!
4-letter word game
What was the last thing you ate?
The Picture 4 Picture Game
The Acronym Game
Double Letter Word Game
Are YOU the King of the Hill?
Hurt or Heal (Users - The Gathering)
Hurt or Heal
The Demented Vending Machine Game!
Who does not belong and why?
Dominion War!
Wit Challenge III
What song are you listening too now(or last song you heard)?
More Wit Challenges!
20 Questions
The Movie Game (Q&A)
Corrupted Wish Game
Witless: RADIO - What Happened and Why?
Inspector Kersus I - Bear Hunter (Warning: Adult Imagery)
My Perfect World
Rules-Read this first!
The first wit challenge!
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